What Makes theatomikbomb Apparel Sustainable?

As an apparel company, we are aware of the waste that clothing manufacturing creates and we are sensitive to our place and role in the planet’s ecosystem. Earth is our biggest priority, so we focus on thoughtful consumption and sustainable business practices. 

It all begins with the design of our clothing. We help our customers pare down the clothing they wear through our designs as well as resources such as the Slow Fashion Guide. By making clothing that is both physically and emotionally durable, we limit the amount of clothing being retired or thrown away.  By making the pieces versatile we limit the amount of clothing being purchased in the first place. 

Next, we focus on manufacturing. We use recycled fabric, a fabric that uses less water and energy than regular polyester and gives single-use plastic a new life. All of our pieces are sewn locally and manufactured ethically. Review our Supplier Code of Conduct to understand our manufacturing standards. Furthermore, we work with a Bluesign system partner to ensure we meet the highest safety in chemicals standards and maintain the safety and health of our manufacturers.

But we don't stop there! Shipping out our clothing also has an environmental effect. The is why we offset our customer's shipping carbon footprint by planting a tree with each order. Even the smallest details need to be taken care of; we are currently transitioning to compostable/recyclable packing and shipping materials.

Even after eclipse clothing leaves our shop, it doesn't stop being our responsibility. That's why theatomikbomb has a take-back program, where we take back garments to keep clothing out of landfills. Additionally, we save our fabric scraps for recycling back into textiles. Only 1% of clothing is made back into textiles so we are proud to be part of this circular approach to fashion.